Roll of Honour
May they rest in peace, in the arms of our Lord Jesus.
Friends of the Lions page

We honour the members of the
Lions Club of Titahi Bay
who have passed.

The men and women listed are shown
to pay tribute to their lives and their

contribution to community service.

They have each volunteered their time as a
member of the Lions Club of Titahi Bay.

James Harland

29 August 1939 - 02 October 2017
age 78 years


James Harland (known as Jim to many) was a member of
Titahi Bay Lions from 1995. Jim was a very colourful
character. The stories of his adventures were told in
such a way that you felt like you were there. Jim spent
an incredible number of hours working for Lions with
the Lions Market, he was there when it moved from
Ferry Place to Cobham Court and was the force
behind numerous other activities. Jim also had a
fulltime job during the week and his energy was so
very contagious to all those around him. Jim became a
"Lion at Large" from 2011, travelling around NZ in his
bus, remaining a member of Lions, visiting when he
could and being a Lions Ambassador for not just
his old Titahi Bay club but for all of Lions Clubs
International, letting the folk know what Lions does
and has done for so many.  Jim was truly one who was
RIP Jim, you remain in our hearts..

Raphael Smith

sunrise 18 December 1950 to sunset 24 April 2017
age 67 years

Raphael Smith was a member of Titahi Bay Lions from
2011 attaining the position of Vice-President from 2015
and for a few months as acting President for our club.
Brother to Olando Smith who passed away in 2013.
Raphael being a very active Lion to his final day. Always
ready to lend a hand. Two Lion Brothers now to serve in
the community of Heaven. Raphael, a very strong leader at
St. Pius X Catholic Church. Raphael was known to many
in Titahi Bay and Porirua in general for his poems. He was a
poet from the heart and wrote often for his friends and family.
Raphael's Service became a Poem of his life story, so many
came to see Raphael to continue his journey from this earth.
RIP dear Raphael

Olando Smith

sunrise 22 February 1953 to sunset 17 November 2013
age 60 years

Olando Smith was a member of Titahi Bay Lions from
2002. From day one he took the hearts of all those he
met with his lovely smile and golden heart.
You would often see Olando controlling traffic at
the Porirua Saturday Market. He would guide drivers
into empty car parks and then guide them out as they
leave. Once the Porirua Saturday Market had finished,
and in those days it was till 10am, Olando would then
travel to North's Rugby Football Club and engage in
similar activities during the Rugby season. Greeting
drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians as they
arrive and depart.   
Olando was known personally by many in the Porirua
Region, his name recognised with fabulous
contributions in the community, and loved by his
family and his many, many, friends.  RIP Olando.

Dutz Special 2013 by Peter Smith 4min 8sec 


Dutz Tribute by Peter Smith 4min 27sec 


Terry Warren

17 March 1939 - 7 November 2013
age 74 years

Terry Warren was a member of Titahi Bay Lions from
1981. Terry was involved when the club became part
 of the car boot sales at Riverside park and into what
has become known as the Porirua Saturday Market
today. Terry had a reasonably adventurous life and
found Titahi Bay as his home. His health took a bad
turn and whilst was not an active member during this
time, he still found joy in reading the clubs minutes 
and to know what was going on.

Dharam Sahay Prasad

31 January 1937 - 30 July 2008
age 71 years

Dharam Sahay Prasad (known as Dhaji) came from the village of Vuda near
Lautoka in Fiji. He was the first to own a car. He became a policeman, and
then an accountant. Aged 52, he took his family to Vancouver, Canada in
1989. many of them to New Zealand in 1995 looking for better things.
Dharam joined our Lions Club and was appointed Treasurer. He was a good man,
having good presence. He was energetic and full of good humour. He was a loyal
family man who was a self-starter. He and his family became involved in club affairs, in
the Bay happenings, and in local small businesses. He enjoyed the Community Market
Dharam's wife Sumintra is a good dressmaker. He loved travel, he just up and went to
places like Whanganui River and Stewart Island, not to mention his Globe-Trotting,
Sadly, Dharam developed cancer and he died
at home on Wednesday the 30th of July aged 71.
Former Lion Wayne Whitman and wife Puspa attended the funeral
service on Saturday with Lion Dave Read and wife Loloma.

Kathleen Mabel Mexted (Mabel)

2 February 1916  - 15 June 2007
age 91 years
Awarded the Porirua Civic Award in 1995
and an honorary life member of Titahi Bay Lions.

Alf Mexted

Deceased 12 August 1997
age 87 years

Alf Mexted had been a founding member of Titahi Bay Lions.
On many occasions he travelled to Hawkes Bay and on his
return trip would load his vehicle up with Grapefruit and Lemons
for distribution to the elderly in Titahi Bay.
Often, to bring as much as possible, he would pack
 the fruit around his wife Mabel's feet also.  
After arrival in Titahi Bay he would load a wheel barrow
with this fruit and walk the streets distributing
it to the elderly and beneficiaries of Titahi Bay.
He had been a councillor with Porirua City Council 5 terms.
He was presented with the Porirua Civic Award in 1995.
He was also a member of the Porirua Licensing Trust and a
member of Titahi Bay Lions.  
He was also instrumental in initiating the
Over 70's Christmas Party , an event still enjoyed today.