Titahi Bay switched on to save


Saturday & Sunday afternoons 12pm to 5pm

9 June 2007 to 15 July 2007

Titahi Bay, Porirua City


 The Lions Club together with local clubs and community groups go door-to-door knocking.
Titahi Bay is tackling climate change head-on with an innovative lightbulb
replacement scheme that could save up to $1 million.
Organised by the Sustainability Trust, the switch for the Titahi Bay Lightbulb Challenge
flicked on last Saturday. It sees more than 100 volunteers visit local houses and
businesses, over six weekends, to replace 10,000 standard lightbulbs with low-energy bulbs.
A standard 100-watt bulb is replaced with an energy saving version, which lasts up to 10
times longer and uses one fifth of the energy of standard bulbs which equates to a
power bill saving of up to $100 over the life of the bulb (lifetime estimated at 5 years).
Trust manager Lee Barry said the project sends a message to the rest of the country.
Titahi Bay Lions Club had organised a fleet of vehicles for the volunteers.

YouTube - Be The Change- Titahi Bay Light Bulb Challenge
Titahi Bay Lions Club convert their entire area to eco-saving ...

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Lightbulb Challenge: From left, Lee Barry of the Sustainability Trust,

Janette and John Linschoten from the Titahi Bay Lions.


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