Citrus Fruit project 
August 2018




Since 1977, Titahi Bay Lions Club in association with Hastings Host Lions Club has received from Hawke's Bay a large quantity of Citrus fruit.

This arrives in bulk, and with the help of Whitford Brown Community Trust, Lions members, friends and families, and even local clubs and groups that received help previously from Titahi Bay Lions, the citrus fruit is packaged and delivered to elderly people, churches, community groups, and schools of Titahi Bay and Porirua.

This project was conceived in the first year of the clubs Charter and has continued ever since. It has proved to be a very popular and rewarding project.

Thanks must go to the Orchards of Hastings who donate the fruit, and the members of Hastings Host Lions members who brave the elements to pick the Grapefruit and Lemons.

Acknowledgement also goes to those others who assist the Citrus Fruit project to continue.....

Turners and Growers who have so generously brought the fruit down, for allowing us the use of their bins in which to hold the fruit, for allowing us to use their premises as a delivery and collection point, and for loading the bins in our truck for delivery to Whitford Brown Community Trust.

Whitford Brown Community Trust for providing a storing area for bins, assisting in the bagging of grapefruit and lemons, and storage of the forklift.



This project began when a member of Titahi Bay Lions Club, Alf Mexted, was visiting Hastings and saw all the citrus fruit fallen from the trees and wasting on the ground.

Alf, with the help of one of Hastings Host Lions members filled the boot of his car with a few bags to take back home.

The outcome was that so many were grateful for a few grapefruit or lemons that some of Hastings Host members, including Jack French, started an annual collection over two or three weeks and the fruit was transported to Titahi Bay by another of Hastings Host member, Len Sowman.

In 1999 Jack travelled overseas so a new system was born, collecting the fruit in one day and as we have done since then.


and now....

From 2014, there was a bit of a change in how the delivery was made to Titahi Bay. Unfortunately, Cooltrain had gone into receivership so with many thanks, the transport and also supply of the bins from Hastings to Grenada North was done by Turners and Growers.

Turners and Growers supplied bins from 2014. It was CHEP since 2011 who provided large bins for the fruit to be picked and collected. Previous to CHEP, the supply of bins was undertaken by Weck-Pack.

From 2009 to 2013, delivery was to MG Marketing Grenada North kindly by Cooltrain. Previous to Cooltrain the fruit was delivered by Mainfreight to MG Marketing. From 2014, the fruit had been delivered from Turners and Growers Hastings branch to their own Grenada North branch for Titahi Bay Lions. Thanks to Turners and Growers in keeping this Lions project running between the Hastings Host and Titahi Bay clubs.

Ever since the dawn of this project, the fruit collected by Titahi Bay Lions has been taken to Whitford Brown Community Trust for bagging and delivery.

Dependant on the timing of arrival, the fruit is then bagged by a combination of Lions members, family and friends of Titahi Bay Lions, and even local clubs and groups, and then delivered to rest homes, churches, community groups, and schools free of charge.

Obviously there is the need to find the trees with fruit each year and estimate how much will be picked to fill bins. A tremendous job from the Lions Club of Hastings Host.

Well done to everyone for the conclusion of another great Lions project!!!


Recipe for grapefruit marmalade

which should make 10x 350ml jars.

  • 4 Large Grapefruit - MINCED

  • 2 Large Lemons - MINCED

  • 3.5 Litres of water

  • Sugar (or Splenda if you have diabetes)


  • Cover fruit overnight with water

  • Next day, boil for 45 minutes or until fruit is soft and pulpy

  • Measure pulp in cups and return to pan

  • Bring to boil

  • For each cup of pulp, add 1 cup of sugar (or use Splenda if you have diabetes)

  • Boil briskly, stirring occasionally until the setting point has been reached

  • Pour into sterile jars

  • Ingredients should be 10x 350ml jars

If for some reason the jam does not set, get some 'Jam-Set' from the Supermarket and reboil the jam. This does work.


Welcome to your Titahi Bay Lions Citrus Fruit delivery.


Whilst it is very important to eat fruit and do your best to maintain a balanced diet, ask yourself this question.

Should I have grapefruit if I take medication?
It is advisable for patients to avoid drinking grapefruit juice if they are taking any particular medications.

You should consult your doctor to find out if your medications mix when taking grapefruit juice, especially for those with heart conditions.



Hastings Host Lions Club

(picking and sorting, getting ready to deliver to Wellington)






Titahi Bay Lions Club